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Library Processing

Buying your books at one place and having them processed at another can be time consuming and expensive. Why not let Gardner’s Book Service be your one stop shop!

The Process
A profile of your library is compiled and placed on file.
Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification, cut at the first prime, and Library of Congress subject headings are used when available.

There is no charge for Profile Form.

Additional services

Data disk — $5.00
Barcodes unattached — $0.08

MARC record by ISBN search — $0.60
Labels unattached — $0.17

Additional fields requested — $0.10 per field
AR, AZYR, etc.

Barcode and label set — $0.25

Processing includes MARC record

Full processing of books — $1.60

  • 1 barcode, 1 spine label and 2 book pocket labels, 2 label protectors, attached

  • Full processing of jacket and book — $3.75
  • 1 barcode, 1 spine label and 2 book pocket labels, label protectors and a 15 mil mylar jacket cover, (Standard 30 cm. or 12 inch maximum size)

  • Full Processing and Gardwell — $7.00
  • 1 barcode, 1 spine label and 2 book pocket labels, attached, and Gardwell encapsulation.
  • Please allow an additional time period for this process, books must be received before processing can begin.

  • Optional processing of Gardwell
  • If you would like to process your own books and then have the Gardwell encapsulation applied the cost is $5.25 per book.
  • An additional $8.00 pick-up and delivery charge. This processing cost is for new materials only.

  • Prices may vary due to automation specifications and materials available. Material is limited to availability of products from suppliers. Minimum Processing charge is $15.00.

    If you would like to download an information brochure and order form, please click here.

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