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Gardwell Binding

Protect your investment! Did you know that GBS Books offers their exclusive Gardwell Prebinding? The Gardwell process converts paperback books into high quality library bound hard cover books. We employ a variety of binding methods for your printed vollumes including side sewing and adhesive binding. The glues used in this process will stand up to our "warm" Arizona temeratures. The Gardwell binding is wonderful for literature books used Libraries, Classroom Libraries and Curriculum Sets.
Cost: $7.50 per unit
In addition to cost of book. For new books only – we cannot do this process with your existing books in your classroom.

Process description:

  • Scanning original covers
  • Customizing and enhancing graphics
  • Printing on our high-end digital printers
  • Applying a durable film lamination

  • Gardwell Rebinding
    An Economical Solution
    In today's economy, school systems are forced to make the most of an increasingly limited budget. The purchase of textbooks represents a considerable investment hat is given great consideration. You hope that they will last for many years, however this is often not the case. Student use can render a textbook unusable long before their content needs to be changed. With the cost of nost new textbooks at $100 or more, rebinding can provide an economical solution at about 80-90% of the cost of buying replacement books. In many cases, the rebound textbook will be more durable than ever.

    GBS Books has two rebinding options available. Textbooks can be rebound in our traditional color buckram covers or our new DigiCovers. DigiCovers scan the original textbook covers and then reprints them on the freshly rebound books.

    Please contact us to see samples and pricing.

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